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One Million Copies Sold

9 books, 3000 pages, 500,000 words

of mad brilliance.

only My name is Alice and I am insane. It’s a super power. You should try it sometime.

When girls go missing, and the sane public have no means to face the madness of a supernatural killer, I’m the one they call — not Ghostbusters.

I am their last hope. I salvage what they cannot.

There is a slight issue, though. I’m locked up in an underground asylum. They never tell me why, and they pardon me when they need my services.

To put it simply, I haunt mad monsters by day, and I’m one myself by night.

I have a Tiger Lily for a friend, an eccentric professor who was once a serial killer himself as a mentor, and have no need for anyone else in my life.

But when a hunt for a missing child only leads to my forgotten past, I’m about to learn who I really am, what secrets the world is keeping from me, and who the boy who thinks nonsense is an art is.


Allow me to remind you upon release date with additional chapters and the true origin story the book’s history.

Jamila Belle


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