Three-time international bestseller

Adam Queen

Kindle Price: £2.95

She sleeps, someone dies.

In her younger years, Emma Stone wishes to cure insomnia, wich killed her drunken mother. Years later, Emma sacrifices it all for a loving husband, a simple life, and a recent beautiful daughter. All until she is abducted from her doctor’s clinic.

Locked up in some kind of basement with other women, she realizes she is kidnapped by London’s famous Bluebeard serieal killer who treats girls as bridest until their death on their wedding nights.

Then Emma does the impossible. With her medical expertise she lures him into sleep and escapes. Seems like the end of story here, but far from it…

Now Bluebeard is obsessed with her resilience and texts her: You sleep, a girl dies. Their demise is all on you. Return to me to save them, because you will only sleep when I’m dead.


Kindle Price: £2.95


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