Three-time international bestseller

Adam Queen

Kindle Price: £2.95

Do you really know your man?

Detective Claire Connelly never failed catching a killer. She and her husband, Sammy Idris, a renowned physician, supported raised two beautiful teenage boys in what sounds like a fairy tale of a life. All until that ordinary morning when she investigates a homicide in Soho.

Claire is sent to investigate a high-class escort’s murder. Nothing new, really. Only this time it’s her own husband she finds dead and tied to a bed. For a woman who escaped a stepfather who also tied her to bed as a child, Claire doesn’t allow the shocking scene emotions to sink her to her knees and focuses on a catching whoever took the love of her life.

But when investigation proves Sammy having been a male escort for years. Oddly enough known as The Honeymoon Man, Claire isn’t just trying to find a killer anymore. She needs find the missing pieces in her own fairy tale of a life that now crumbling to shattered pieces of a lullaby of lies.

Kindle Price: £2.95


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