C A M E R O N   J A C E

About Me

Cam Jace as known as Storykiller

Hi, I’m Cam Jace, recently known as Storykiller  after my passion of killing your perception of all you’ve one thought you knew about folklore and history.

I once studied architecture and travelled the world to learn more about it. I ended up abandoning it to my fascination with rare books and manuscripts I found in forgotten town all over Europe.  Books that tell bits and pieces about the true origins of folklore and fairy tales. I means real names, real dates, and real stories. From Bluebird real identity to the Evil Queen’s real ancestors to Lewis Carroll’s secrets in his books. My final books will take a couple of years to be finish. Trust me, I know what folklore really is, and why it was written, but I have to honor the discovery in my final book.

In the meantime you can enjoy my fiction series, Insanity, a modern adventure inspired by my factual findings about Lewis Carroll. The series has been a bestseller for five years, and sold over a million copies.

As about me, I’m just someone who is blessed by having found their passion which they I can’t get enough of.